A Selection Of The Comments Submitted To The Petition

From Comment
Cork “It’s not too late for the government to change its mind. I’d rather a delay and get it right than build the hospital in city centre Dublin.”
Dublin “What interests are being served by putting the hospital in James Hospital?”
Sligo “Think about less engineering, therefore less long term maintenance.”
Kilkenny “We have a little boy with special needs who spent 2+ years in hospital in Dublin and know 100% how much more benefical the hospital located at Connolly would be .. It makes so much more sense for access, parking and expansion.”
Roscommon “To build in the middle of the city is madness. What about the children in the country or are their lives not as good as those in Dublin. There is counties outside of Dublin.”
Dublin “The cost of the ground works alone at sjh are reason enough.”
Galway “Have numerous follow up appointments in Crumlin the proposed site would be so stressful we have enough stress with a sick child.”
Roscommon “This is for children, the most important factor in this debate is the welfare of children, ease of access, adequate space & speed need to be a priority.”
Kildare “I worked in SJH for 13 years and it is on this personal experience of traveling daily to SJH that I would absolutely not recommend it for new children’s hospital site. Traffic is a huge issue. Parking is a second major issue. It defies logic to build the new hospital off James St.”
Longford “Please think of the children of Ireland.”
Leitrim “Please think of the children when making a decision on where to have new hospital. Connolly is the best option by far.”
Donegal “Please put the children first.”
Dublin “Doesn’t matter how good James is if kids struggle to get there.Connolly ticks all the boxes pleasse stop now. “
Cavan “This makes absolute sense. It should be an election issue.”
Clare “It makes no sense to force people into the already congested city where there is little room for expansion.”
Dublin “I live 300 mts from the Rialto gate of St James Hospital. I witness the volume of traffic every day. Accessibility to the NATIONAL hospital for all the children of Ireland and their is, without a doubt, going to be a disaster if the hospital goes ahead in the SJH site.”
Wicklow “What a ridiculous place to have it. M50 the only sensible place.”
Kildare “As confirmed by many consultants, James doesn’t even have the necessary specialties for co-location with a children’s hospital.”
Meath “Connolly is the obvious site , large area easily accessed from the m50 , no need to neogiate the small network of streets necessary to access sjh , ease of Parkiing – access , parking and colocation of the Rotunda “
Cork “It is absolutley nuts and corrupt to insist on building a new hospital at St. James’ and tell us it is the best option.”
Tipperary “Not sure how this even an issue. “
Dublin “I live in Inchicore, there is no way that St James’s can accommodate the proposed children’s hospital.”
Mayo “I agree 100% with building on site at Connolly. At James’s would be utter madness. Good Luck with campaign!”
Kildare “Im a future children’s and general nurse currently training in Crumlin and James as a site is so unsuited to the needs of sick children.”
Limerick “Political insanity raising childrens mortality”
Dublin “I currently live right beside James Hospital. I can atest to how heavy traffic makes the site difficult to access, lack of parking and lack of space to extend in future. I know the location would be difficult for those travelling from outside Dublin. Please consider Connolly as our National Children’s Hospital.”
Galway “It should have been put there in the first place. It has the land and is right beside the M50 which is convinient for anybody travelling from the country.”
Galway “Don’t make another big mistake Enda. “
Waterford “We have being using crumlin for 6 years and it’s terrible to have to wait out on the street waiting for parking so your son can get to his appointment. So a green field site in connolly is the best for our sick children.”
Dublin “I have not across one person that is in favour of the St. James site and I am sure if the public at large had a vote on this it would be 90% in favour of Banchardstown, Regards”
Kerry “As a paediatric nurse I believe St James’s is an unsuitable venue due to traffic congestion and inaccessibility, I worked in St James’s hospital . “
Westmeath “As a mother of two young chilidren, I am a stakeholder in the development of a new Childrens Hospital in Ireland, Connolly hospital has far better future proofing in terms of infrastructure, access and potential in my opinion”
Dublin “Plan for our nations future health move the children’s hospital to Blanchardstown. This would also allow for the building of a major adult hospital that will be required in the not to distant future.”
Dublin “I live in Dublin 8, beyond comprehension that StJames’s is being considered as a children’s hospital. “
Longford “Unlimited space and easier access for all parts of Ireland and Dublin.”
Sligo “Best Site for whole of Country.”
Tipperary “It makes more sense to build here. Especially for country people coming to Dublin.”
Leitrim “Vote for Connolly.”
Carlow “Please build the new children’s hospital on the Connolly hospital site.”
Wexford “Makes total sense to a girl who grew up with a sister with cancer. Families with sick children need to be asked what would make their lives easier at such a difficult time.”
Donegal “We have first hand experience of travelling back and forth with a child who is terminal I’ll with a stem brain tumour ,Do you not think we have enough stress than adding to it with the disastrous location of st James”
Cork “I travelled for 4.5 yrs from Cork to Crumlin Childrens Hospital and most definitely could not have brought my child who was immune compromised from cancer treatment on a public transport system.”
Dublin “As a healthcare professional I do not support the development of the children’s hospital at St James. A site that is more accessible with the potential of outside space for children to play or benefit from nature is invaluable for their mental health.”
Kildare “It is the height of stupidity for the St James site to be considered.”
Sligo “Great campaign.”
Kerry “Connolly makes most sense as evidenced by Dr Fin Breatnach’s reasoned article in the Sunday Independent dated 14/02/2016. Put politics aside and get it right for future generations of children and their parents b”
Sligo “I strongly feel that Blanchardstown would make much more sense. I can’t understand why they would want more traffic congestion in the city.”
Longford “Give our future generation the space they need to grow and expand in this our national childern’s hospital and have it right from the word go.”
Dublin “Enda Kenny is responsible and must be held accountable for this decision James is a disaster and in 5 years after construction will be inoperable It must be Connolly and now.”
Antrim “Gombeen developers again.”
Westmeath “Keep in mind, this Hospital is for children and their family first and our Government should justly put the childrens health interests first, above all else.”
Sligo “The current plan is an outrage. More squandering of taxpayers money. Same of the old Fianna Fail regime. “
Dublin “I am signing this petition to ask that the Connolly site be chosen for the new Kids hospital. We need to look at this as a long term plan and not a plan that can be squeezed into an existing poorly located site for reasons of convenience and budgetary reasons. we need to invest now for the future of our children.”
Kilkenny “I have a son who has Down Syndrome so regularly attend appointments in Dublin. I know first hand how frustrating it is to have poor parking and parent accommodation. “
Galway “Think of the big picture – a hospital in St James will be obsolete in a short few years. The Connolly site makes far more sense for long term development.”
Tipperary “Room for future expansion is vital.”
Leitrim “I work as a nurse in St. James. There is no room. Think of the parents. “
Laois “Common knowledge tells us that a clean site will allow for a faster and cheaper build. Easy access to M50 and accomadation for both parking and possibly a half way house to allow parents to stay close to beloved kin. “
Tipperary “Have always thought James’s a bad idea,if for no other reason than access.It is a terrible place to get too and from as it is. “
Meath “I travel quite often on the sth.cir.rd. towards the hospital and cannot imagine the traffic chaos that will be caused by building the childrens hospital at that site.having lived in blanchardstown until 2 years ago and still attend there,the space to build and eventually expand should be the priority.”
Longford “For God’s sake swallow your pride and do the right even the parking setup is crazy at St. James.”
Dublin “Of course its more practical to build the Childres’s hospital in blanchardstown with access to the motorway, trains and perhaps the luas could be extended.”
Dublin “Children before profit!!!”
Dublin “Nonsensical choice of St James’s Hospital in city centre. SC Rd is practically a side road and as for Thomas Street that’s impossible. Not all really sick children will be travelling by Luas.!!!”
Clare “Accessibility is crucial – Connolly site is the only logical choice .”
Dublin “Building on St James site is even more ludicrous than the Mater site.”
Wexford “Please make the sensible decision. I dread having to try and get into Dublin city centre with a sick child.”
Laois “Once again our government are making a huge mistake in location for the new children’s hospital. I support the Connolly Hospital site. “
Cavan “I can’t believe this is even an issue. Connolly is by far the better site. “
Dublin “I worked in SJH, I visit people in SJH, it is so cramped and difficult. A children’s hospital on that tiny site is not going to work longterm and will increase stress for patients, parents and staff. Be smart, do the right thing here. Use Connolly.”
Kildare “Children new hospital must not be built at St James what an another poor decision made by our Fine Gael .”
Westmeath “Absolute madness selecting to build this hospital on the Jamses hospital site. With the state owning 145 acres at James Connolly hospital in Blanchardstown this is the ideal site for the hospital. With the hospital in this location it would allow better access to the hospital for all with ample parking facilities.”
Galway “The childrens hospital should be built on a site witg easy access, parking and room for expansion”
Dublin “Had a child in Crumlin hospital for 6 mths so know the value of space for sick children”
Dublin “Trained in paeds in Liverpool please leave politics out of this decision.space and access is paramount. Good medical staff will flock to a good facility. “
Clare “I support this campaign and I am sure that Dr. Michael Harty, our next TD for Clare will also support the campaign”
Dublin “I live beside st James and still think it’s the wrong site for all. Being selfish I would say build here but come on Connolly is far more suitable “
Mayo “By far the best & only option!”
Kilkenny “MUST be done.”
Laois “Ridiculous suggesting James for a children’s hospital.”
Meath “We need a hospital that is easily accessible and has plenty of car parking. Now is your time to get it right lads. Do what is best for the children and their parents never mind the fat cats. “
Waterford “No to St James hospital for children .”
Tipperary “Move it.”
Dublin “Nothing against James’s but it’s already near capacity, always busy and getting parking space is nigh on impossible. Connolly is 5 minutes from the M50 and has acres of space to expand into. Why is this even a question?”
Roscommon “It is madness building at St James.”
Cavan “The most common sense place for it.”
Louth “Plan for the future not the present. Build where there is space and accessibility! “
Donegal “I think if the new children’s hospital should be built beside Connolly hospital as it is so close to the m50 its central for everyone and the traffic wouldn’t be an issue from the town centre.”
Dublin “We need to think long term for this hospital. Expansion, expansion. James site too small and I can foresee planning problems for future expansion. “
Dublin “Having a sick child is distressing enough that we don’t need to worry about getting to hospital in traffic and looking for outrageously expensive parking spaces”
Meath “I drive the M50/N3 junction regularly. I see the slip road to Connolly. It is so easy to access!! I also drive to St James’s regularly due my wife’s condition. It is very congested and is a nightmare to reach during rush hours. “
Carlow “Connolly is the best site for a childrens hospital. Think of the children not ur politics.”
Kerry “Please make the correct decision – it will be your legacy.”
Monaghan “Its a shame to have to campaign for common sense.”
Wexford “James hosiptal is a disaster waiting to happen and it will be the sick kids that will suffer.”
Kerry “We have a sick child who’m we regularly have to take to Crumlon hospita. It will be a total nightmare trying to access the James site having to make a journey all the way from Kerry. I think its a disgrace that its not being build in Connolly, its absolutely shameful.”
Dublin “This is the rare chance when a politician can make a positive and enduring effect upon the state. Do it.”
Kildare “Never too late to do the right thing.”
Louth “Please site the hospital at Blanchardstown. It makes sense for all the relevant parties and would create a more accessible pleasant environment for children and their families”
Cork “Do the right thing for once !!”
Offaly “Maybe Enda .. do something right with health (for a change)”
Meath “My son is 6 years old and suffers from Juvenile Arthritis .He attends Crumlin every 6 weeks for bloods and every 3 months for see his consultant.It is stressful enough dealing with our sons condition, please don’t add to this stress by sending him to St.James’s.”
Tipperary “Please do right for the country, Connolly is the right decision.”
Clare “Please wake up and see sense, and use the Connolly Site for the new Children’s Hospital!”
Kildare “My daughter has Rett Syndrome… We have been sleeping on hospital floors since she was a year old. Shes 15 now. Every parent of a sick child in this country knows that St James hospital is NOT the right location. Please for the sake of our children and future generations, move the site to Connolly where our kids can look out their window and see parkland instead of traffic!”
Limerick “Easy access for all the country should be a priority when choosing the location of this hospital!!!”
Kildare “Obviously vested interests lead to such bizarre decision-making. Please, for once, let common sense & reason lead the way.”
Leitrim “Makes more sense to put hospital outside city centre, especially for those of us travelling from the other side of the country.”
Sligo “Do it right once.”
Kildare “Enda Please reconsider the use of the Connolly site for a new kids hospital.”
Roscommon “I’m surprised this has even come to having to sign a petition. Anyone with a brain would know the best option here.”
Kildare “Connolly makes a lot more sense especially for ambulances speeding “
Offaly “City Centre is not convenient for anyone living outside of Dublin, or for many parts of Dublin for that matter. Taking 3 buses to the hospital with a sick child is highly unlikey for most people and that’s the reality of Dublin city transport I’m afraid.”
Wicklow “For outlying and commuter counties, the M50 site is much more accessible than than at St James.”
Derry “It makes sense .”
Mayo “We need this hospital with access from the m50. We need space.”
Carlow “Let’s make it a bit easier for the residents of the rest of the country to acess the hospital and not just build it for people who live in dublin. Complete stupidity.”
Carlow “Ridiculous to build a children’s hospital in the inner city. It would be difficult to visit and expensive .”
Longford “Makes much more sense to build it here and would be a lot less stressful on parents having to travel from the country. Too much money has been wasted already.”
Louth “Currently in Crumlin there is a need for more space there and it’s not going to work and the huge extra expenses to try an retro fit and old campus and building to suit what in need in the 21 century. Bottom line, new campus, new building, new beginning.”
Dublin “As a parent of sick child located very VERY near to James Hospital, this plan would seem ideal but from knowing what parents go through in making hospital appointments, it is only fair that solution suits all people it concerns. Good luck with the campaign.”
Waterford “Bad enough having to bring or visit sick children 110 miles away without having to deal with the stress of a hospital badly located. “
Sligo “I really hope they make the right decision for all the sick children in ireland and their families. They shouldn’t even be considering St James site in my opinion.”
Meath “Doctor in James’s. Can’t understand why this site was chosen inadequate access. The traffic and infrastructure is under strain as it stands. “
Wexford “Can you not see that this location makes sense.”
Wicklow “My son has had open heart surgery twice and thank god is in great health but imagine how scared I would be bringing him to hospital and getting stuck in traffic. If this goes ahead the ambulance service will be put under even more pressure as cars will only move for flashing blue lights.”
Wicklow “Makes much more sense to have it at an M50 exit and on land that the government owns.”
Derry “Less talking and more action. This needs to become a reality ASAP!”
Wexford “This needs to happen at Connolly site I’m a mother to a son with Cystic Fibrosis who attends hospitals alot this is a perfect site unlike the proposed James site which is ridiculous and totally unsuitable”
Donegal “Need for outreach services also! Connolly far better location for all. “
Meath “The obvious choice situated on M50 .. A slip road would give the ideal situation for parents. Please do not make us parents travel through city centre traffic . “
Limerick “It’s suppose to be a national children’s hospital, easier nationwide access.”
Meath “The St James site was a political decision made by Politicians and some senior HSE officials. The decision to build this hospital in the middle of Dublin during a time of the economic turnaround is utter madness. “
Kilkenny “Absolutely makes no sense in relocating to a site where theres no room for expansion. 30 Yrs since it was talked about in Temple street.”
Derry “Every child deserves the best from life!”
Kildare “I am a nurse who have trained and worked in St.James and am currently working in Our Lady’s Children’s hospital. I think the site at St.James is an absolute disgrace. There are no positives to this site whatsoever. Shocking idea “
Waterford “Madness putting a National Hospital in the centre of the City. Enough stress going to hospital with our children without the stress of driving into the middle of Dublin.”
Mayo “It’s a no brainer, plenty of room with easy access in & out beside m50.St James hospital is crazy with traffic jams & parking impossible. Whoever thought of congestion fast James further & frustrating parents of sick children “
Kildare “As a tax payer it makes so much more sense to use a green field site and not waste millions of euro clearing a site on St James’s to build a hospital in limited site. As this is a national children’s hospital the location of Connolly Hospital is by far the most suitable place to build.”
Dublin “Seems it Makes more sense to use Connolly hospital to everyone but the government. For once please listen to what the people want .”
Limerick “Please make it easier for families with sick children.”
Tipperary “It’s a hospital for the nation not just the county of Dublin. Location is key for families. Have some common sense for crying out loud.”
Dublin “This is the most crucial decision we’ll ever make for the kids of Ireland, the Connolly site is superior in every sense.”
Clare “As a parent of a child that has been ill for over 3 years I have considered this proposal and find it far far more favourable thank the original one. Please think of parents and children when making this decision. Thank you.”
International “It will make my daughter & son in laws lives much easier to get to this site as they have 2 children with Cystic Fibrosis so it means visiting the hospital on a regular basis “
Dublin “Connolly stand out because of clear advantages.St. James Site stands out because of clear and dangerous disadvantages.”


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