Why Connolly

“Connolly would be the fairy-tale, it would tick all the boxes and be a fantastic hospital for our children, whereas St James’s is just going to be exactly what we already have”

- Sam, mother of Isabella, a 5-year-old girl with serious life-long illness

Connolly Hospital offers 145 acres of greenfield located at the junction of the M50 and N3 motorways. It’s location not only offers motorway road access from all parts of the country, with hard shoulder lanes for emergency vehicles, it is also fairly distributed between urban and rural communities.

It is the location of the new Rotunda Maternity Hospital and the existing James Connolly Memorial Adult Hospital. This site offers Ireland the opportunity to build a truly remarkable children’s hospital, and give sick children and their families the very best standards of care.

These are some of the key advantages of Connolly over St James’s:

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