Cheaper & Faster

“The cost is absolutely clear cut because there's a savings straight away of something in the region of a minimum of €200m, because on the St James’s site you've a whole series of problems, you've excavation, you've relocation, you've drainage problems. Secondly in terms of speed, access to a site like St. James’s is very difficult, you would need to excavate 3 storeys underground and shift a lot of earth and it's going to be a very slow process.”

– Jimmy Sheehan, Orthopaedic surgeon and founder of three adult hospitals; the Blackrock, Galway and Hermitage Clinics

  St James’s is burdened with many construction and access challenges. Connolly has none of these. Connolly’s construction on a greenfield site with good access and no construction complications means a significantly faster and cheaper build. While at St James’s – the adult hospital must continue normal operations during the building period. This would limit construction speed and pose risk to patient and staff health, safety and wellbeing.  
St James’s Connolly
  • Poor access
  • Drainage issues, requiring works to underground sewerage systems
  • Excavation required for 3-storey underground car park
  • Existing hospital services need to be relocated to make space for new building
  • Excellent access
  • No drainage issues
  • No excavation required for surface parking
  • No relocation required, building on open greenfield site

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