Maternity Co-location

“One of my major concerns about the current location, at St. James’s Hospital, is that there is no certainty that planning permission will be given for a maternity hospital”

- Fin Breatnach, Consultant Paediatric Oncologist, Crumlin Hospital 1981 -2008

  Critically ill newborns requiring urgent medical treatment or surgery must be transferred to the Children’s Hospital as quickly and gently as possible. Co-location with a maternity hospital means that these vulnerable newborns can be wheeled along a corridor to the adjoining Children’s Hospital. No co-location means these tiny infants must endure an ambulance journey. Even if this journey is short, the risk to the babies’ lives is high.

St James’s


The Coombe Maternity Hospital is meant be re-located to St James’s. However, a maternity hospital is not part of the current planning application on St James’s campus. Therefore there is no guarantee that Planning Permission will be granted in the future, and in fact this looks very unlikely, given the lack of available space.

The Rotunda Maternity Hospital will be re-located to the Connolly campus.


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