"Parkland provides one of the most powerful forces in lifting a child’s spirits and aiding recovery and the new hospital will be flanked by open space on three sides.”

- Steve Bracks, Premier of the State of Victoria, Australia, announcing Melbourne’s new Children’s Hospital site at the 280-acre Royal Park.


The holistic benefits of outdoor space, nature, wildlife, water, play facilities, tranquil surroundings, fresh air and exercise for sick children and their families are well recognised, cannot be underestimated and must not be overlooked.

It is unforgivable to build a Children’s Hospital in a congested, noisy, built-up urban area when 145 acres of well-positioned green space is available.

The Alder Hey In the Park Children’s Hospital, opened Oct 2015, on the 24-acre Springfield Park  in Liverpool states that “the parkland will be used creatively as an integral part of the ‘clinical space’, to deliver rehabilitation to our patients”.


St James’s


  • No green space anywhere on the St James’s Campus.
  • No gardens at ground level for the Children.
  • The “roof top” garden is completely surrounded and overlooked by a further four storeys.
  • Other pockets of outdoor space provided on balconies have limited or no public access.
  • A “meadow garden” shown on design diagrams is the main designated future expansion space.
  • 22 acres designated protected parkland, that will not be built on.
  • Natural lake on site, attracting birds and wildlife – joy for children.
  • Family pets could visit.

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